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I am enjoying the blog posts. They are timely reminders.
Sue L.

I like the podcasts. I hope you do more.

Marci was extremely easy to work with as an interview guest. Her financial expertise added a great deal of value for our Young Adult audience and we look forward to having her as a guest again in the future. I would highly recommend Marci to anyone seeking to grow their audiences in the areas of Financial Literacy!

Kathy James

The TikToks are an easy way to think about money.

Thank you for being friendly when you explain money. It makes it less scary.

I am sharing these with my kids and it really helps start a conversation about money with them.

At the recommendation of another coach, I brought in Marci to guest speak to my group. What a pleasant surprise! Marci has a #payitforward thought process, always wanting others to succeed. She has a can-do attitude and is very motivational, which is difficult to do with a subject like Financial Literacy. Financial information and actions do not have to be stressful, and Marci exemplifies that in her speaking as well as in her multiple recorded social media posts. I highly recommend Marci for group coaching, as she will share MANY actionable tidbits with you—and even a few laughs!

Christine Dykeman, MS, SHRM-CP, PHR, PMP

I enjoy your website. It reminds me to think about my money.

Your daily posts help remind me to think about my choices before spending money.

Thanks for all the great, practical financial advice. The direction has been invaluable.

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