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I am a second generation accountant, who started doing bookkeeping work for my father at about the age of 14, totaling columns on worksheets (this was before computers). I went to MSU (Go Green) and got my degree in accounting, becoming a CPA and working in public accounting for years, both with a firm and on my own. During this time, I also did freelance writing for a variety of publications, including an online accounting publication. In 2012 I took a position as the controller at a faith based non-profit where I worked until 2021 when I left to pursue my passion, financial literacy.

As a podcast guest I can discuss a wide range of personal financial challenges and opportunities including but not limited to:

1) Common money mistakes

2) How to teach children about money management (in school or at home)

3) It’s ok to ask questions about money

4) Are you paying attention to the small dollars?

5) Learning when to let go of a financial decision that no longer works for you

I will promote podcasts I am on via a link on my website, as well as social media posts.

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