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Young Adult Life Hacks and Career Support

I spoke with Kathy James about budgeting, saving, and financial literacy. October 22, 2022

Back to Me - Exploring Wellness Your Way with Heather

I spoke with Heather Stewart about the importance of financial literacy and financial wellness. November 11, 2022 

I spoke with Chris Nixon of Tame Your To-do List about goal planning and organization. October 25, 2022 

Tame Your To-do List

College Ready

I spoke with Shellee Howard of College Ready regarding speaking to your children about money. September 2, 2022

The Leader's Guide

I spoke with Alex McCall regarding bridging the gap between value and finance. September 13, 2022

Fabulous Fempreneurship

I spoke with Elaine Slatter about owning your money. August 9, 2022

Life with Francy

I spoke with Francelyn Devarie about the importance of financial literacy. July 25, 2022

Upsurge 2.0

Why Women's Wealth with Evelyn Haruna, Sacha Walton, and Jackie Ulmer. July 17, 2022

MindGifts - Alex Zozovsky

I spoke with Alex Zozovsky of Mindgifts podcast about financial literacy and a wide range of financial topics. July 3, 2022

Monmouth County Workforce Development

I spoke with Christine Dykeman as a presentation to Monmouth County Workforce Development clients about Taking Ownership of Your Expenses. June 21, 2022

West Bloomfield Beacon

Newspaper interview on avoiding common financial mistakes.  June 8, 2022

Arnie's Class

I spoke with International Organizational Development Consultant Arnie Aniel on his podcast class about financial literacy, savings, and other money topics.   June  6, 2022

Guy Dazin - Thoth The Scribe

I spoke with Guy Dazin about money and financial literacy. June 1, 2022

OLWJ Captivation

I spoke with Otis Wilson Jr. about financial literacy. April 20, 2022

Coffee with Jon - Budgeting

I spoke with Business Coach Jon Dwoskin about the importance of budgeting. March 2022

Coffee With Jon - Saving vs Investing

I spoke with Business Coach Jon Dwoskin about the differences between saving and investing. March 2022

Coffee With Jon - Retirement

I spoke with Business Coach Jon Dwoskin about retirement money. March 2022

Radio Interview on WJR

I spoke with Vanessa Denha-Garmo about financial literacy, the website, and MoneyMarci's Guide to Financial Literacy. February 13, 2022