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'Budget' is not a bad word - 05/27/2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Budgeting is a word that means many things. To me, budgeting is a powerful tool to gather information about where you are spending your money. When I discuss budgeting, I am talking about listing your actual and expected income and expense in a manner that you can use to determine where you are and what you have financially. The more detail you use to look at your expenses, the more knowledge you have about where your money is going. This allows you to decide if you are benefiting from the money you spend.

Sometimes we do things as a convenience without realizing the overall cost. By creating and updating a budget, we can often find money that we are spending out of habit with no real benefit to us. Adjusting or cutting these items from our spending may change our routine but won't leave us feeling that we are missing out. These changes will be different for each person, as we each have our own priorities and pleasures. That's ok. Figure out your needs, your wants and your conveniences to use this information for making the best decisions for you.

You can use my budget worksheet to organize your information and take charge of your money.

I have a series of 3 videos available that go into detail to show how to use the worksheets

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