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Don't fall for a scam! - 10/28/2022

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

No matter who you are, at some point a scammer will reach out to you. How you respond will make the difference in whether you fall for it or not.

Scammers are reaching out in more ways and with new scams all the time. The most important thing for you to remember is that it is in their best interest to rush you. Don't let them!

There is no emergency that will require you to send out money without being able to verify the identity of the person and the circumstance. It takes very little time to call someone, or multiple people, to confirm whatever story the scammer is telling you.

I promise you, the IRS does not want gift cards. Nor will they arrive at your door to arrest you. No legitimate individual or business is sending you a check for more than they owe you to prove your identity. If something feels rushed, slow it down. Call your family, a friend, your accountant, your bank. Don't jump in to send a scammer money. Keep your cool and keep your money.

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