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For those left behind - 4/26/2024

Maybe you have missed it, but these 2 sisters have created a video, more than 1, mentioning things they would confess to their late mother. This one caught my attention since it specifically mentioned financial issues, and probably not uncommon ones.

It is important to remember that tax returns may be due after death. Even if there is not enough income to hit the reporting thresholds there may be refunds that are available for those left behind. You'll never know if you don't review the information. Talk to a tax professional if you have questions.

Make sure to look for various types of insurance policies. You may find these by looking in the decedent's bank accounts or credit card statements, depending on how they paid the premiums. There may even be 1099 income from some types of insurance policies. It takes time and sometimes there are surprises along the way.

If there is a house or car, there may be insurance or tax payments that are due. It is wise to review any insurance policies such as car or home that may be in the name of the decedent to make sure that necessary coverage is continued, especially if the asset is still in use. Make sure that your car is properly licensed and insured.

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