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Is there really such a thing as 'common sense (cents)'? - 06/10/2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

The phrase "Common sense is not so common" is attributed to Voltaire, supposedly around 1764. That phrase is both true and unfair. Common sense is practical judgement based on experiences. We all have different experiences, so we all have different areas where we have better 'common sense'.

The way to make up for lack of experience is by making an intentional decision to learn. This is as true of personal finances and financial literacy as it is of learning to read, tie your shoes, cross the street safely, or drive a car. 'Everyone' knows how to do these things but we each learned to do them at different times and in different ways.

If we don't talk about money, engage in the money decisions we have to make, and ask questions about the areas we don't understand, we won't be able to learn to make better decisions. Our financial knowledge and decision-making skills always have room to improve.

If you have questions about money matters, please send me an email or use the 'share your story' link to anonymously suggest topics you might like to see me cover.

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