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Remember to review your tax return - 3/15/2024

Have you prepared your tax return yet? Do you prepare your own tax return or have someone prepare it for you? Do you use tax preparation software?

No matter who prepares your return, you are ultimately the person in charge of the accuracy of the information. Take that responsibility seriously, because this is about your money.

Reviewing your tax return is also a good time to get more familiar with your financial situation. You can't easily budget from a tax return because, among other adjustments your taxable income includes the taxes you pay, but it is an opportunity to learn more about where your income is coming from.

I have a tax return comparison worksheet available as a google doc on my website that may help you to begin creating a useful income history for yourself.

Remember, the IRS provides a link to free federal and state tax preparation software if you qualify.

Use this link to be guided through the questionnaire to see which free file software might apply for your situation.

If you find these tips useful, feel free to share the blog and the website. If you haven't already, you can subscribe to this blog to stay up-to-date on posts.

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