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Happiness is somewhere between the extremes - 9/29/2023

I speak frequently about the importance of saving and investing. It's important, even if it is sometimes a stretch, to put away money for emergencies and for the future. But it's also important to live in the present.

The FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement has a lot of followers and is great in concept. It is not the first or only plan that suggests to live a smaller financial life today and focus on saving for the future. Who doesn't want to believe that they can create financial freedom in the foreseeable future? But the cost can be significant, and it isn't just saying 'no' to lattes and vacations. Like with many hyper focused plans, the key is to find a moderation that works for you.

Saving is important. Planning for retirement is necessary. Not spending frivolously is the key to reaching long term financial goals. But you also need to live a life that is worth living, because happiness is somewhere between the extremes.

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