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How to write a check - 1/6/2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

It may seem unusual, to adults of a certain age, that younger adults may not fully understand how checks work, or how to write them. It is a product of our current technology.

If you have never written a check, it is good to know how to write them and what is the various information on a check.

The pre-printed information on a check -

The red boxed information is the information of the person or company who is writing the check, also known as the payer or the account holder.

The blue box at the upper right has the same number as the green box at the bottom right. These are the check number. The check number is duplicated in case of partial damage to a check and to help prevent fraud.

The light blue box at the bottom left of the check holds the routing number. This tells the banking system what bank the check is written from.

The purple box at the bottom center contains the account number. This is specific to one account at a bank.

I filled in the entry fields with red to show that they are the portions of the check that need to be completed. Make sure these are written legibly.

The date can be written in any standard acceptable format, 1/1/2023, 1/1/23, etc.

The 'Pay to the order of' field is where the payee or recipient of the check is listed.

The amount is written twice, once in numbers, "$100.00" and once spelled out "One Hundred and 00/ cents"

The memo field may contain account or statement number if you are paying a bill, or a note to the payer or recipient such as 'congratulations', 'happy birthday', or whatever might be relevant to the purpose of the check. This information may be useful to the payee and/or payor, but is not relevant to the bank.

You must sign the check for it to be considered complete and valid for payment.

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