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How well is your company doing onboarding? - 9/01/2023

Onboarding is the process of a company educating their new employees about their resources, expectations, benefits, and any other information that new employees might need. This can be done with employee handbooks, guided tours, meetings with supervisors and co-workers, videos, or any other company culture information opportunities.

If the onboarding process is done well, new employees will start connecting to your company culture and feel supported. It can create a solid foundation for a continuing beneficial professional relationship.

If onboarding is done poorly, employees will not know their benefits and resources. They will be more likely to have a 'job' than to feel they are a part of something. Not knowing expectations (in both directions) can lead to frustration in the relationship.

Check in with your Human Resources department to see if you are aware of all of the resources available to you at your employer.

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